Koulu-Joulu-lounas valokuvina / Finnish Holiday School Lunch

On taas aika vahvistaa ruokakulttuurimme perinteitä nauttimalla joululounas kouluissa.

Text is originally published in December 2011 but serves as Seasons Greetings from Finnish School lunch also in year 2015!

Due to comment in my guest blog in Fed Up With Lunch asking what kind of food is served in Finnish schools, I asked to send few pictures. More pictures can be seen here. And also in blog by middle school students in south Finland. Blog is in Swedish, if you wish to use google translator.

As in Finland the role of school meals is seen as a pedagogical tool, the lunch menu observes national traditional foods for Holidays.

This picture of Christmas school lunch comes from Pähkinärinteen koulu, Vantaa, with 420 students (7 to 13 year old) and 30 teachers. Thank You Pro Peruskoulu-blog. Pictures taken December 14th, 2011. Tradition continues, you can find pictures form 2012 here. And also from other school here.

1) Sweetened Potato Casserole
2) Rutabaga Casserole
3) Carrot Casserole
4) Rosolli-salad
5) Baltic Herring
6) Ham or turkey
7) Fat free or 1% milk
8) Fresh rye bread (+margarin)

And this is how they were served
Link to recipes are updated Dec 2014

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