Food&Fun, myös kouluruokailussa!

Turussa kouluruokailu on otettu mukaan kaupungissa järjestettävään Food&Fun-ruokafestivaaliin. Tapahtuma näkyy koulujen ruokalistassa sekä myös siten, että Food&Fun tapahtumaan kutsutut kansainväliset kokit viedään tutustumaan suomalaiseen kouluruokailuun. 

Kutsu kouluruokailuun välittäköön viestiä maailmalle, että olemme ylpeitä kouluruokailustamme.

Dear Chefs

I hope you enjoyed your visit at Finnish school lunch. 

It is very important that you Chefs gave your pressious time and visited our school lunch. Yes, it was special day for the menu, most of the kids had never had burgers for school lunch before! But also your visit and the attention you bought with you, made it more special. 

As many of you said during the interviews, food education is very important. In Finland it's believed that serving free meal to everybody and sharing common meal with friends, old and new like you, nourishes stomachs but also the mind and is way to deliver food education in very practical way. 

Like the lunch during your visit; fish patty between rye bread. All local ingredients, localness advertised to the kids. I am sure you saw the joy and excitement from the kids eyes for having something different to eat. Some of you commented that you enjoyed that despite we visitors caused hassle, there was no feeling of chaos because kids behaved so well. We all had fun, didn't we? 

You work with food everyday, as do our school lunch staff professionals. I am sure you too sometimes struggle with the budget when making menu but not daily and you might not have to have nutrition recommendations in your mind when cooking. You all make miracles with food. Still, customers are probably as tough work to lure in both doors; school restaurant and yours. 

So please, now that you have seen it, spread the word about wonderful Finnish school lunch system that delivers Food&Fun to the students. 

A Friend of School Lunch
p.s. Here is little take home material from Finnish National Board of Education: School Meals in Finland - Investment in learning (pdf). 


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